DOP Dauno Gargano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dop Dauno Gargano is obtained through a careful selection of the finest Ogliarola olives from Capitanata, a land which has been devoted to olive cultivation for centuries, where the promontory of Gargano embraces the great Tavoliere delle Puglie.

In this area of extraordinary emotional impact the olive tree seems to come out from the sea and its fruits, sprayed by the sea breeze and the sun, are selected, defoliated and then cold-worked strictly within 24 hours after harvesting.

The Oil "Sant'Umberto" Dop Dauno Gargano is therefore a very low acidity Extra Virgin, ideal for the Mediterranean diet: sweet and fruity, golden green in color, it is particularly suitable with raw vegetables and greens, as a dressing to enhance the flavour of delicate pastas and seafood dishes, a precious casket, finally, for preserving natural and grilled marrows, aubergines, artichokes, wild onions, tomatoes and all the

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